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"an eclectic blend of deep Detroit techno, blunted downtempo, and subtle electro grooves"

-  Luke Magnuson.

"Sounds Great Steb!"

-  people I've worked with...

I'm Steve Sim aka "Steb Sly" and you've arrived at my Mothership Lab for Intergalactic Digital Analog Beats.


I've created electronic music since the mid 80's. I took it seriously around 1995-2001 while building my career as a video game sound and music specialist. I've made games full time now since 1997, working at development studios and freelancing.


I've shipped some cool games 

I've created some cool records 


Now I like to mash it all up with my edits of public domain videos from


Mostly active as an electronic musician from 1998-2002, with 12" Vinyl releases on Metamorphic Recordings, Swayzak/240 Volts, itiswhatitis, Warner Canada (as part of "Freshbread") and Nutone/Nettwerk.


These days I'm an Audio Specialst for hire, And a Producer / DJ / drum programmer. I also have film set experience as a recordist and foley artist.


I have lead audio teams of up to 10 people in a AAA game studio, and have extensive freelancing experience in game audio since 1997. 


Contact me for rates and more info!


Mythforce – Senior Sound Designer

The Sinner Season 4 – Scenic Carpenter

Dropped (full length feature) – Foley Artist

You and Me Hurray, Let's Play (CBC kids show) – Foley Artist 

The Golf Club VR – Associate Producer

The Golf Club 2 – Associate Producer

Infinite Air – production help

Rugby World Cup 2015 – Associate Producer

Rugby 2014 – Associate Producer

MLB 2014 – Associate Producer + QA

Heartland (Facebook) – music/audio

Spy vs Spy iOS – music/audio

Catch The Princess iOS – music/audio

Primeval iOS – music/audio

Sally's Salon (mobile) - music

Wraithborne – music/audio

Sonic Chronicles - – music/audio

Dragon Age – Senior Sound Designer

Mass Effect – Audio Lead

Jade Empire – Sound Designer

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – Sound Designer

Aidyn Chronicles – music/audio

Homeworld – audio assistant

Combat Flight Sim Pacific Theatre – music assistant

NHL2k – music, dialog editing, sfx editing



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